Motley Transcendant

While breaking fast I scanned a news summary for the week and was reminded of the discorporation of Dick Gregory and Jerry Lewis.

Both were described as comedians. I still find that strange. I have seen/heard their comedy work and found neither particularly humorous or amusing. In fact, unfunny is the word that comes to mind for both but in different contexts.

Gregory, in my estimation, was a Roger Ramjet, a Hero of the Nation. Admittedly foul mouthed, he struck fear and loathing in the hearts (figuratively) of the insecure bigots of Amerika. 

Lewis was a parody of the Three Stooges, awarded a medal for comedy by the French government, which perhaps explains French pipes, toilet paper, and beer. He raised nausea in the gastro-intestinal tracks of rational Amerikans. 

Gregory has left little behind; Lewis leaves behind one decent movie which is better than any number of equestrian statues.