Yard Work

Seven Day. And since this is a day for hawgin’ tabs, I might as well blot a few.

First, an article [Link] entitled “Should We “Stop Equating ‘Science’ With Truth”?” This article is written by an evolutionary biologist and I found it rather nauseating and unengaging. I suspect this followed directly from the title, which is sickening and perverse.

There may be some substance to this article, but just the title is enough to stop one from reading it. It indicates some dementia but whether it is that of the author or its intended audience, I cannot discern.

Science is NOT about truth. Science is about understanding. Truth is a religionist concept that has been widely appropriated by human organization in an effort to subjugate the members of the organization. The legal aspect of organization is the most obvious in this regard.

Sadly, truth has become a commonly used word, mostly because most of humanity are bogs and bogs tend to be religionist. But it is still a perversion, especially when so-called scientists doing “outreach” use it improperly to try to communicate with bogs. Does this work? Never in my observation. 

While we’re picking on bogs and slave making human organizations, another article [Link] entitled “The science of why eyewitness testimony is often wrong.” Simply put, we humans are constantly rewriting our memories, to use computer jargon, which is in fashion these days. And because of this any human memory more than two picoseconds old is suspect and untrustworthy.

So much for the legal system. So much for eyewitnesses. It’s only redeeming value may be that humans are instinctively dishonest – survival of the fittest and all that – and thus pitted against the group. 

But is the group superior to the individuals that make it up? That’s another question. 

Thirdly, we have a lovely article [Link] entitled “Religious people ‘cling to certain beliefs’ even when they contradict evidence because they are overly emotional and irrational, study claims.”

Seems that religionists are basically bogs – they are overly emotional and irrational. This isn’t news, is it? 

Fact is, that many religionists/bogs are mentally whacked but because they are in the majority, they define the mental modality and this the “sane” of society are the commonly demented.

And we wonder why the human species is on the short road to extinction?