Sit Up and Shut Down

I observe that Gooey has discharged the engineer who raised questions about gender related behaviors and temperaments. [Link]

This is an indication of the rot in the organization. It has its parallel in world history; it’s sometimes called the Catbird Seat Manuever. The classic manifestation is when a government hires too many mercenaries (and fires or can’t get too many citizen soldiers) and the mercenaries take over the country and replace the government because there’s no one to prevent them from doing so. 

And they stay in power until they micturate enough of the former citizens – now serfs – into being willing to discorporate to rid themselves of the tyrants.

But that doesn’t happen in organizations. They just rot away until they fall down, usually with a big surprise for the capitalists who think the organization is “blue chip”.

That’s Gooey. They have now begun to restrict what can be said and discussed and even thought about. This is sometimes called “Shut Up and Sit Down.” It’s really more like the title: sit at attention and wait for the doors to close and the building to collapse. But don’t move.

It’s a natural extension from mercenary strength to technological strength. It’s also a matter of moving from being dynamic to being in denialist stasis. The next step after no talking is no new technology. Oh, they’ll do things that they’ll say is wonderful new technology – sort of like the Edsel motorcar – but it won’t be. It’ll be repackaged beans. With the farts still intact and probably enhanced.

It also happens in government. When I still worked for the Yankee Army in their Lab, we had a manager – second level – who was a “Sit Down and Shut Up” manager. And he had a piece of paper from a management schule to prove it. He may have had some creativity before he went to that schule; he didn’t after. Just direction and obedience.

Happily, his boss was a real STEM. But shortly after I retired they disposed of him. And now the place is a Potemkin Village. Lots of motorized window devices and publicity but no new STEM stuff. 

So be happy. The country is probably entering a new dark age of technology (and other stuff?) stultification and organizations prevarication.

I am happy – to be ORF.