Hammer and Nail

Just ran across an article [Link] entitled “Google Employee’s Anti-Diversity Memo Prompts Company Rebuke.” If you haven’t read the rank-and-file’s epistle, you ought to. Seems horribly comparable to Martin Luther’s.

The engineer – supposedly – who wrote the letter introduced some realities into the matter. That’s not surprising, that’s what STEMs do. Even at Gooey. And some of the realities need to be considered. But they won’t be. Because they get in the way of the corporate culture. Which is to manipulate the Tartarus out of people, both internal and external.

One of the reasons I compare this writing to Martin Luther’s is because of the similarities between the Church of Rome (circa Luther, and to a large extent, today) and Gooey. Both cloaking dishonesty and dis-ingenuousness and propaganda in a cloud of sanctity. 

Sort of also like government. Any government. 

Maybe that’s what driving humans into extinction?