Calots! Attend!

Seven Day. Shabat ended yesterday at dusk, which is late this time of year with nasty temperature made worse by a pesky rain storm that seemed to have targeted Greater Metropolitan Arab. Probably because of the perfidy of the Arab Electron Uncooperative for their nasty switch flipping this week.

It was muggy this morning when I took my constitutional. Decidedly unrefreshing! But I did have occasion thereby to cogitate and most of that occasion was devoted to an antic of one of our elected mental defectives. Seems a congress critter asked a NASA limpet if there was a civilization on(planet) Mars millennia ago? [Link]

The NASA myrmidon answered in the negative but that could not dam the torrent. Some have decried the congress critter as whackadoodle, which he is, but not because of asking the question. Rather this is implicit to our form of governance.

I recently blotted a bit about how the more socialized an individual is, the less they know. Because those with limited intelligence are better suited to not knowing – as opposed to deliberate ignorance which is a long-time Amerikan individual goal – we may expect that those who socialize best are naturally the ones with the least intelligence which, in turn, makes them ideal for service in the congress since its members are selected solely for their socialization, prevarication, and greed skills.So far as I can tell, the only socially redeeming value of congress critters is their ability to ask questions like this.

And they do so rather too seldom. Especially when the welfare of the citizenry is the matter at hand.

It occurs that the founding fathers opted for representative democracy solely to assure that the number of damage doers would be as few as possible and as incompetent as possible. The unintended consequence was from forgetting that such people have a lot of greed. Indeed, greed has many forms which can include patriotism, religious fervor, and altruism. It’s part of being human.

So the question isn’t all that bad. We humans have a mental obsession with the possibility of some intelligent life on Mars. We like to claim this started with Lowell (sp?) and the canals, but the interest is recorded back to when Thucydides invented history (as a study, not the actual thing.) In so-called modern times – i.e., post the Battle of New Orleans as offered up in “The Birth of the Modern” – we have had numerous excursions on Martian existence, notably those of the Wells and Burroughs.

These all tend to be disappointing, having the same flaws as the congress critter’s question: Herbert George Wells’ story was an offset of human behavior, of the nature of conquest and empire, his Martians were just humans with extra technology and different physical form; Orson Wells’ martians were copies of Herbert’s but additionally flawed by the tempo dictated by modern entertainment; and lastly, Burroughs’ Martians, the most accurate as human imitations, with their rigorous denial of human rights, climate change, and even science, at least in the form of Darwinian Evolution, shoaled on the rocks of why do egg layers have mammary glands?

(Actually, I am told, humans, as we know them but never speak of in public schules, are neotenous egg layers. Our reproduction is identical to egg layers save the last step of neatly packaging the embryo in a box. This absence of containerization and externalization may be blamed as the root of the great human denial that is the vilification of abortion.)

This does not answer the question of why we are so broken and inept; so lacking in ability as to make incompetent an inadequate term. Perhaps the reason is that we did have alien help in assuming our self-proclaimed role as masters of Tellus. Another article [Link] advances that the only reason we beat the Neandertals into extinction was our alliance with dogs. This explains much, especially our darker side, given millennia of symbiosis that has strengthened our practices of cruelty, torture, denial, and irrationality. And probably hedonism?

It does occur, however, that there may be a positive side to this. Perhaps if we required every elected politician to have a service dog by their side at all times their greed and derivative evil would be buffered it not alleviated? Seems worth a try.