Social Stupidification

I was bleakly scanning the Scroll of Countenances this morning and noted that a colleague of a colleague, Magnetic Inductance Normal, (ass in orthogonal, not the bog-begotten misuse of the word as Modal,)  was announcing some exceptionally good score on one of those computerized vocabulary tests. He proclaimed that this was an exceptional occurrence since American “English” is not his milk tongue.

Actually, I find it not exceptional. My experience of many years as an observer and INTRO indicate that the more socially attuned an individual is, the less they know. In this instance, my colleague once removed may have been socially atuned to his childhood fellows but when it came to speakers of American “English”, less so and thereby unsure of which words were in “common” use. So he had to learn a whole bunch more than he would have if he had been born a speaker of American “English.”

This phenomenon is not limited to vocabulary. It applies across the board so that one may broadly offer than the more social an individual is, the less he/she knows. This is because all the individual needs to survive, almost all the time, is what one’s fellows know and so one obtains a social group race-for-the-bottom, the least effective common knowledge base.

This also tends to explain the abysmal ignorance, if not arrogance, of politicians.

Admittedly, that latter was telegraphed; it bubbled up to the surface of the mental lava rather rapidly, indicating exceptionally LOW density.

In effect, this is the blessing that those with poor social skills much struggle. They have no royal shortcut of close, asentient, friends who will co-define their rats’ warren existence. Instead, the INTROs and such are forced to learn to survive. In fact, the question bubbles of whether, if the INTROs had not invented agriculture and civilization, would humans be extinct today? The indications are good. And even better that as INTROs and NERDs are devalued and alienated, that humanity is on its way to a deferred disappearance.

But will the socially inept inherit the planet? Do we even want it, given the mess the EXTROs have made of it?