Why We’re Ignernt

Few people think they are stupid. It’s part of how humans are made. If we think we are stupid, we cower down and don’t try. Besides, Bogs, especially the Extros, are pretty well incapable of thinking that much. They’re like Schrodinger’s Cat if Schrodinger had died just after starting the experiment. If you can’t observe something, you can’t collapse the wave function.

But there is a special kind of stupid and it seems to be infesting our society. It’s the stupidity of ignorance – ignernce in Alibam speak. Basically this is a condition of being ignorant and happy with it. Knowledge is a bad thing because then we become aware of our own shortfallings and we can’t admit to that because it would mean that our society is flawed and even failing.

Part of that is the nature of our schules. One primary symptom is that we have ceased to pretend that the public schules have anything to do with education. All they are is a training camp for social serfs coupled with a lot of mumbo jumbo of educationalist delusions and careerism. All that is taught is obedience to Extro Bogism and how to maximize the educationalists’ pay checks. 

Hence I was a bit bemused by an article [Link] entitled “One in three physics teachers at England’s secondary schools don’t have a degree in their subject.” The clear implication is thet two-thirds of the people teaching physics in England’s public (as we would call them) schules have actual degrees in physics. 

But not here in Amerika. Here [Link] in Amerika we have half that fraction. Why? Well, simply because no one in authority has any interest in teaching Amerika’s children anything but obedience and therefore any physics is unimportant to their goals. Never mind all this rot about STEM Education. There isn’t much of the latter in our public schules today and the colleges are rotting away fast in their headlong rush to become factory profit centers. And STEM? Why bother? Amerikans are too lazy and stupid to learn STEM stuff and compete. Or at least that is what I get from the educationalists I am exposed to and even the students I sometimes interact with on college campuses.

Ain’t saying this is all of why we Amerikans are becoming a nation of pond scum, but it’s a big part.

Once more glad to be ORF.