Mental Gas Chambers

One Day and back to gym. Yet the ominousness of the morrow casts a doom-and-gloom shadow over the day. Part of it is the blatant misrepresentation – read prevarication – that day four of July is the actual day of declaration when yesterday was the day, or, at least, its anniversary. And I got propagandized with this lie by the Yankee Army this morning in an email. Rather casts doubt on anything in the epistle.

Speaking of doubt, the podcast this morning was an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” entitled “Why Grow Up” based on a book written by some academic with that as the title. Not immediately out of the ordinary except perhaps more meat than the series usually offers. But they have to run out of fruitcakes and politicians occasionally.

What riveted me about this podcast was when the author – who was interviewed throughout – proclaimed that schools are structured to be detrimental to learning. That’s not an exact quote but it’s close. And I was rather riveted by the accuracy of this statement.

It struck me that schools are not about students learning; they are all about the intimidation and bullying and programming of students into social machines. Any attempts on the part of the student to learn are dealt with in the most brutal way possible, with shaming and actual mental damage.

To paraphrase the Chicken Man, students succeed and learn in spite of the schools.

I have nattered previously about how horrible the schools were when I was a student, how the students were starved for information and inundated with behavior and social serfdom. Now I am pleased to learn that was the intent of the schools.

I was also struck that the people who are successful in life (and perhaps society) are the “bad” students who ignore the bullying and intimidation. But that these same students turn around, at least the ones who are socially successful, and impose the bullying and intimidation to perpetuate the inequity.

So the question arises as to whether this is either beneficial or necessary? That will require some cogitation.

But for now, I feel rather validated in my distaste for public schools and the concentration guard behavior of too many of the “teachers”.