Seven Day, but not as conclusive as it should be. With the Two Day being holy, this week portends to be rather miserable all about. On the happy (?????????????) side however, today is the anniversary of the signing of the declaration of independence. Yes, I know it will be celebrated on Two Day but that will be the anniversary of the reveal of the declaration. Seems it took the Founding Fathers two days to “screw up their courage” to show their chutzpah to the mob as it was then called. 

This brings us to a bit of reflection on the nature of democracy. In effect, it is self-destructive. Simply put, the rational mandate that everyone need be included in a democracy results in the destruction of the rationality of the democracy since all the bogs are irrational. 

While we’re on reflection, I noted an article [Link] entitled “Even Just Seeing Your Phone Nearby Can Mess With Your Brain Power.” This work was done by Texicans but they missed the basic idea. It’s called the Observer Effect and it’s related to the collapse of the wave function. The basic idea is if you become aware of something, then a part of your brain capacity gets diverted to that something. So, in some sense, the brain of the observer is coupled with the wave function. Ta Da!

This coupling manifests in numerous ways. If you become aware of a pebble in the path then the likelihood of you stumbling over it increases. If you become aware the physician’s technician is fixing to insert a hypodermic needle, the pain is intensified and predicted.

All Observer Effect. 

And your phone is a seething mass of wave functions. All those potentialities. All those collapses and their interactions with you.

Second, I read [Link] that the Brits have built a new aeroplane carrier (naval vessel) and it’s computer system is Winders XP. This seems rather amazing to me. Did they adapt ATM software to run their shiny new Dreadmore? How is it that the Brits are so much better at Linux than everyone else – at least they have the best podcasts – and they can’t write command and control software in Linux for their shiny new barge? Perhaps they should have named it “Boaty McWindersFace?”

And lastly, a couple of my colleagues, at least they are physicists although I am unacquainted with them, have advanced a theory [Link] that dark stuff and several other unexplained bits can be by incorporating tachyons. I have to admit that I haven’t read their work, and I probably won’t because these things tend to be written by chaps who are maths wonks masquerading as physics wonks, but it makes a weird, quantum mechanics sort of sense. Rather like contemporary politics, at least here in Amerika, let’s postulate things that we can’t measure as causing other things that we can’t measure. 

And on that note, I shall go and break my fast.