Emanations and Manifestations

It be Seventh Day and thus almost to the end of week out. I do so dislike week out, almost as much as I dislike holidays when the instrumentality packs in and I have to suffer the counter-existence struggle of coping with restriction. 

So since I am inclined in a mood of complaint and self-pity, it seems a useful time to ‘hawg’ some tabs, as it were.

First, an article [Link] in the Capitalist Swine Journal (aka Wall Street) about the future of college being on-line. I admit to continued skepticism. Yes, I know that too many of our colleges of today rival Ford’s assembly line for depravity, din, and absence of educational effect. I also note that we have too many for-profit colleges stealing from the poor and ignorant, especially the bogs. And yes, I do have some – limited – sympathy for bogs. 

As one who has managed moderate sized organizations and thereby hired people for all manner of positions, I can assert with considerable experience that those who obtain diplomas – I decline to say education or degree – from either for-profit or on-line factories are not worth the cost or effort. 

Yes, there are exceptions, but they are so rare as to rival chicken with teeth. So unless you are running some sort of transient body shop where you run people off after a couple of years lest they become too expensive or too knowledgeable, stick to hiring people who have sat through lectures, done labs, and learned to work problems. You will not find these skills imparted in on-line classes and usually not in for-profit knock shops.

Next, an article [Link] about another (?) bunch of French scientists who have done a research that indicates that some radiation exposure is necessary for life. I have to admit to laughing a bit when I read this. Mostly because of how bogs react to science. I have mentioned previously how amusing, as in “look at that idiot”, the history f social radiation is. When x-rays were first discovered and into the atomic age, people found all sorts of beneficial effects from radiation, most of which were shams and swindles by demagogues. Lately the anti-radiation crowd has rivaled the anti-vaccination crowd for their abysmal stupidity and terrorist antics. Of course, the anti-vaccination fools don’t wear aluminium foil caps. (Actually, the redneck members line the insides of their gimme caps with the foil, which often results in severely burned ears when they also use cellular telephones.)

I especially enjoy telling the anti-radiation weenies that they are constantly exposed to radiation even if they go live in a hole in the ground. I usually stop when they reach for a firearm or hunting knife, which is common since that is the level of their powers of rational discussion.

Of course, it is this type of behavior that explains why politicians are the way they are.