Leaky Prophylactic

One Day. Back to Gym. Sparse – thankfully! But the podcast, part of the fiftieth anniversary of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas”, was a dismal bore. Too much dronage about artsy novels. Not my cup of tea – or any other steeped or brewed beverage. I’ll take a good airplane attention diverter novel any day. Except perhaps a bosom ripper. Something will a well told story, not one of those artsy things that lack any atom of story but are oh! so! froo-froo.

Speaking of which, I ran across one of those articles [Link] about what the stupid and unintelligent need to purchase for their paternal parents for the invented fake holiday, one of many, I fear. The whole thing is a thinly disguised but otherwise blatant advertisement. But it did have the goodness of engendering – to steal a word from Chaucer – cogitation.

First, most holidays these days are anything but. Technically, holiday is an Anglo-Saxon/English/Amerikan corruption of “”holy day”. Such are purely religious and despite the obvious contention of corporations that spending money is a form of worship, a matter only for those who participate in that flavor of religion. Any slopping over that boundary is a breach of religious freedom. In particular, freedom from being exposed to hemorrhoidal superstition and stupidity. 

Sadly, the practice has been taken up by all sorts of organizations that are not supposed to be religious such as governments and corporations. Who now seem to be the true enemies of religious freedom when in actuality the governments might be allowed memorial days where participation by the citizenry is voluntary and not imposed. IOW, the fabric of government and society should not be folded like a bedouin’s tent as observance of such.

And corporations should be penalized as criminals for any such trangression. 

In summary. NO MORE government “holidays”. NO MORE fake commercial “holidays” like yesterday.  And church holidays should be well fenced in to prevent spillage.

Second, the manufactured stercus recommended by these articles is purely EXTRO stuff. None of it is the least bit interesting to INTROs. And, as a rule, the children of INTROs are self-reliant enough to make up their own minds without the aid of prevaricative advertising. (And YES, I know that is REDUNDANT!)

Just to assist the Bogs who still have no idea of the nature of EXTROs and INTROs, EXTROs obey Bose-Einstein statistcs: They Clump. Doesn’t matter what you put in the washing machine, EXTROs clump together. INTROs on the other hand, obey Fermi-Dirac statistics. They are individualists, loners, avoiders of clumps. Especially EXTRO clumps. And if they need to know how to do something they will learn it on their own or figure it out on their own and don’t need greedy capitalist propaganda to delude themselves with.

As a matter of some further clarifications, all politicians seem to be special types of EXTROs. They clump but only among those of shared ideology, usually partisan nonsense. They are also completely dependent on prevaricative capitalist propaganda for any form of thought other than gonadal. 

Now, I can go stand in the rain with my head uplifted and my mouth open, with a mind open to wonder and learning.