How Now?

I read [Link] an article entitled “The surprising number of American adults who think chocolate milk comes from brown cows” that claims that 16.4 MegaAmerikans think (believe?) that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. 

I am a bit befuddled by this. If I apply logic then the usual whitish milk we buy in stores originates in whitish cows? This is amazing considering how uncommon whitish cows are. Almost all the cows I have observed in my travels have been black or brown or brindle or motley. Almost none are whitish. So do the whitish cows have an enormously increased productivity that they can produce most of the milk consumed on the planet? And if so, why are we not investigating their genetics so that we can decrease the methane pollution of cows? 

Even in a Repulsian administration, this seems negligent and counter-survival.

On the other hand, if these people are, in fact, either deluded or demented, then it explains many things. Like why all the politicians are anti-reality and totally antagonistic to each other. And any improvement in the condition of the nations or its citizens. 

That being the case, it seems the clear duty of every (actually) patriotic Amerikan (as opposed to the false patriotism of greed,) to go out and dispose of a brown cow.

In that way, we shall surely eliminate all the denial and delusion and evil persecution.