Callahan on Setebos

Five Day. Gym discontinuity. And, absent the Cross Time Saloon, an occasion, it seems to me, for a bit of humor because when we think things are dire we have humor. Let us Laughing to our Graves GO!

It occurred to me that number naming is call enumeration, so if one is counting the amount of Sodium one ingests daily, can we call this Masseration? After all, it is largely due to maceration.

Or if we are counting how much food we eat, may we call this Caloration? After all, it is a form of calibration.

And lastly – blessedly? – let us consider the nature of a Techno-Schmuck. This is a human who is a user of technology but oblivious to its operation. When this person purchases a new piece of technology, the first thing they do is discard the assembly instructions. Then they try and assemble it based on their mental meanderings and perspiration. And when that fails and they have to call in the social group/family nerd, they are asked where the manual is and the Techno-Schmuck is oblivious and even indignant that the nerd can’t assemble/fix their botch. 

These people go on to be highly unsuccessful managers and executives of failing technical organizations. Of course, they accelerate the failure, which may, in a morbid sense, be viewed as a mitzvah.