Watering the Tree

Off yesterday to Huntsville for a “stress” test. Not a fun activity. Will never replace baseball which it compares to in magnitude of boring.

Came out of the test to discover some fellow from Illinois had ambushed a Repulsian practice session for a Council of Thieves Charity (?) Baseball game. Evidently hit one Congress Critter and four myrmidons. 

As I motored back to Castellum SCP, I reflected on the nature and contemporary state of Amerikan politics. My first thought, for some disconnected reason, was the Boston Massacre, which, as we know, is rather the opposite, the reigning tyrants striking down freedom loving citizens for protesting their tyranny. 

I cannot say, upon reflection, that this surprises me. Politics nationally, and to an extent, world wide have steadily excluded minorities. Only the Us, the In-people, have any rights or privileges; the Them, the Out-people, exist only on the sufferance of the In-people. 

Democracy is a funny thing. No, not as in laughter; as in strange. If you tell people they have a democracy and can determine things for themselves, and it emerges that this is a prevarication, one of two things happens. Either the people roll over and die, or they go out and shed their and the liars’ blood. Either way, they die. 

It seems to me rather like a plant. Too little water and it dies. Too much water and it dies. The same seems the mechanic of democracy. 

Obviously that wonderful medical test has depressed me.