College Factors?

One Day. Back to gym. The podcast was a CBC “Best of Ideas” episode on the psychedelic drug of the ’50’s and ’60’s, which, according to politicians, is the direct cause of today’s drug problems in Amerika.

Seems to me that our politicians are the direct cause of today’s drug problems in Amerika. But that’s not my point in this blot.

I went to schule in the ’50’s and ’60’s. In fact I matriculated with investment of a bachelor’s degree in June of 1970. I have to admit that the only drug problem I saw in high schule was cigarette smoking. The schule administration was opposed to the practice but for some reason unknown to me had to permit it. To discourage the practice (addiction?) smoking was permitted only in certain undesirable locations and so there was a constant thrashing of people smoking in unauthorized places and then being suspended from schule. At the time I was rather bewildered on why anyone would risk being suspended and why the administration was so depraved as to sanction the practice. Education then, unlike today, was consider both a personal and a community obligation and responsibility.

But my awareness of a drug problem was nil. We were exposed – outside schule – to the drug experimentation and the life style experimentation but all that interested most of us was the sex. Alibam was then, and now, a rather insecure place and sex was seen as a sin. Even in marriage.

When I got to college, I got to see the drug problem but it was limited to the artsy, hippie, contingent who lived in the art department. The population of which was so small and so alien to the main streams of Rah Rah Greeks and studious nerds that I can recall no individuals of the population in any of my classes. Of course most of my classes – deliberately – were nerd classes to minimize interaction with bullying Greeks. And yes, I do know that last is redundant. 

This brings me to the matter at hand. I ran across an article [Link] recently entitled “These 3 factors get people through college.” It claims that being able to get through college is basically three factors:

1. Do you fit in?

2. How do you think about your intelligence?

3. Where are you headed?

I have to admit that I find these a bit mystifying to the point I have to conjecture they are more EXTRO garbage. In my experience,fitting in was a minor thing. Nerds are naturally excluded from the bulk of the bog student body. They are usually socially inept to begin with and then they study untouchable subjects. Although they are in demand as tutors of those bogs in those subjects, an activity that is at once frustrating and nauseating. It is amazing how stupid bogs can be and still live.

So aside from a small social group composed of nerds and getting along with professors and TAs, what fitting in is there? That social scene of the bogs? It’s unnecessary and if one pick the right college, nonexistent. But such college are rare and expensive.

Nerds don’t have problems with their intelligence, except possibly to bewail how small it is. Rather like bog Greeks worry about the size of their reproductive organs, Nerds worry, to a lesser extent, about their intelligence. And not very much. They are too busy doing nerd stuff to have a lot of time to worry about inadequacy. Although in senior year when one worries about graduate schule admission, there is some about intelligence inadequacy. 

The headed matter is trivial. Nerds have goals. Mostly to go to graduate schule, at least in undergraduate schule. Why? Because if you stop with a baccalaureate degree you are stuck teaching high schule or washing bottles in a lab. To be fully techno-nerd you have to do research and that means graduate schule.

So perhaps these are EXTRO Bog things? Or has schule really rotted into pustulence since I was a student? 

The authors claim there is a statistical connection between these factors and grades. Hardly surprising, there is a connection between everything in college and grades. But I have to wonder still about this study.