False Queue Skipping

Recently I have been seeing a lot of advertisements on the Electromagnetic Audio-Video Receiver advocating cellular telephone applications that let one order food or beverage. They all claim that this eliminates waiting in queue.

This claim is rather a heavy prevarication and misrepresentation.

Under certain circumstances, the claim may be accurate but probably not. The reason for this is simple logistics and producability.

Let us consider two factors. First, the capacity the store has for producing their product. This product – food – cannot be produced substantially in advance because that diminishes it. The other factor is how busy the establishment is.

If the store has more capacity than customers, then a line does not form. If a line forms, demand has exceeded capacity to produce and thereby supply.

Now, if you telephone an order when a line has already formed, which customer do you think they will prepare product for? The customer lined up and about to leave if he/she has to wait too long, or the customer who isn’t present yet? 

For those who can’t figure the answer for themselves, it’s the former, the customer queued up. 

So if you use this application, the process will occur as promised if the store has slack capacity but otherwise, plan on standing in queue. 

A more intelligent strategy might be to plan to purchase this product when you know there will be slack capacity available. Life is about survival, which is about adaptability.