It’s the Pronunciation

I have been watching the COVFEFE grrrr brrrrr with some amusement and can no longer leave the boggerate in ignorance. For someone with lengthy federal government experience this is a clear indication that the current administration has succumbed to inside-the-beltway culture.

COVFEFE is obviously an Acronym! Acronyms are of great importance. They become mental shortcuts for programs and projects that would otherwise not be remembered by political appointees, flag officers, and elected officials. As such they keep these in the consciousness of these people. A good Acronym is easy to remember, catchy, and absolutely important to the funding of the program or project. A bad Acronym is like a dead horse; it must be quickly buried as it smells.

which brings us to this Acronym. What does it mean? I canot say for certain but a third of a century of experience leads me to opine that it is something like:

COVFEFE – Colossal Odious Verbalization From Egregiously Fallacious Evidence.

How is this pronounced? That is difficult to say. If our guess is accurate then the weak first “F” would indicate it is to be pronounced with a break between the “V” and the “F”. We might also opine that the pronunciation is probably strongly European influenced, something similar to pronouncing “Tallifero” as “Tolliver”.

How good is the Acronym? Hard to say but clearly for a first attempt, quite acceptable.