Nasal Drip

Today is “Red Schnozola” day. Or some such. Evidently rather a big thing in the Mother country. Has something to do with feeding starving children. Given I live in Alibam and the average elector believes in starving children – they are fanatically and insanely “pro-life”, which is anything but – so I contributed yesterday when I was in Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on theHill purchasing OTC medications at a Walgreen’s.

I should perhaps comment that this is a matter of necessity. We have no Walgreen’s in Greater Metropolitan Arab because the city conscript parents are only interested in attracting new residents and unhealthy businesses – like fast food/fast death franchises – to town. Their efforts have been highly successful: the mean number of obituaries in the Arab “news” rag have been steadily increasing and the mean age has been steadily decreasing. The effort seems to have hit a snag however, since some of the fast food emporia are themselves in danger of starving. 

I suspect their next act will be to contract out the school meal service to a fast food place, especially now that the fascists have a majority in the Yankee Congress. Or perhaps I should say the militant, capitalist fascists to differentiate them from the rabid, people’s paradise fascists. 

I also note that today is the fortieth anniversary of the “Star Wars” thingie.[Link] I call it a thingie not because it is a thing in the sense of matter but because I am never sure just what it is. Anyway, I know I do not like it because it is rather an outrageous lie. The story is supposedly about a peoples’ fight against government tyranny but is made ridiculous for the absolute acceptance of slavery. So inherently and destructively contradictory. But it persists because of the Bogs. Or at least that sounds good although there are more than a few Geeks who recycle their micturations and are advocates of the idiocy. 

Meanwhile, I also noted that one of those militant, capitalist fascists has physically assaulted a reporter.[Link] Now I acknowledge that too many reporters are too aggressive and irritating but not to the point of beating them. Of course, given the flavor of politician in question it is probably noteworthy that the reporter in question was neither discorporated, permanently crippled, or cast into prison awaiting execution for lese majeste.

And Monday is a day of memory for those who served in the military. All this rather makes you wonder why?