Four Day. Off to gym. Pleasantly sparse. No LOUD Women, only one weight bouncer. Podcast was the start of an episode of Destination Linux [Link] that is coming across rather poorly. Made me think of the guy who broke his nose when he fell asleep on the job from boredom and smashed his face into his desk. Made rather a bloody mess – literally – of the (actual) desktop.

I suppose I have a bit of a problem relating to a stereotypical Southron Red Neck who claims to be a Linux Guru while prating about his Red Neck behavior. Not sure that bragging about killing lots of animals and roughhandling lots of women is congruent with the basic ideals of Linux.

On which note I got to hear from the clerk at gym how Scant City Memorial Hospital [Link] had their annual (Yankee Government mandated) outreach to ORFs. 

What is notable about this is the discrimination. The event is EXTROs only. No, not by announcement, by action. They structure this this event to be as unfriendly and hurtful (and harmful?) as possible to INTROs. 

Why? Because they are Southron and go beyond not caring into actual hatred. INTROs are as bad a people with brown or black skins or epicanthic folds. Maybe worse. Because they are generally smarter and better educated and more likely to know when they’re being cheated and bullied. 

Ayep. Medical capitalism in Marshall County, Alibam. All the usual prejudices plus Southron.