Alimentary Internet

One Day. Back to Gym. Not bad. The podcast episode was, as usual, from the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” entitled “Uncommon Knowledge” and quite good. I shan’t go into it now but may later if the muse concurs.

A new source of annoyance has emerged at gym. I have commented about the weight bouncers who delight in load shrieks of groaning and the sound of concrete flooring crunching when they drop their weights from a height, and the loud, strident voices of educationalists who seem unable to summon “indoor voices.”

A new wrinkle of the latter has emerged. It is unclear if they are educationalists but they are a group of women, all young, who shout across the gym at each other in banal conversation. They appear to be the type of people who take great umbrage that you are “eavesdropping” on them so I have not yet complained about their noise level exceeding the volume capability of my MP3 player. 

Some of this clearly is the higher frequency of women’s voices (in the mode,) but some is also a demonstration of the antipathy of GEN Ys towards courtesy to any but their immediate circle of friends. And their immediate rancor if they are treated in a reciprocal fashion. 

For some reason the combination of this and my thoughts on the “WannaCry” malware phenomena led me back to consider the nature of Sturgeon’s rule. I went and consulted the internet of the demographics of OS usage.[Link] The combination of Mac OS, Linux, and “Other” is almost exactly 0.1 of the population. That means that windows users are 0.9 of computer users. Since Sturgeon sez that 0.9 of everything is crap, I was a bit startled. Of course, there is no indication of any determinism here. The best that probability will tell us is that 81% of computer users are Winders serfs and crap.

This seems reasonable. Not all Winders users are crap. Some – many – are forced by employers to use Winders and many of these – the crap ones probably – use Winders at home because they are too busy (Bog code for too lazy or stupid) to learn another OS. Besides Mac hardware is unreasonably expensive and Linux is TOO HARD. 

This latter, incidentally, is one of the few joys one gets from those crap Winders users, at least until one considers the base line.

Along the way I got to thinking about some of the recent reports I had seen associating brain/mind whackedness with nastiness. The original information [Link] had to do with an observed connection between damage to the prefrontal cortex of the brain and religionist extremism (specifically fundamentalism.) Evidently the damage to the cortex results in a diminished ability to think for oneself and thereby a greater propensity to believe unquestioningly,

Another study [Link] showed a strong connection between studying/practicing business or economics and being a psychopath, narcissist, and/or self-serving egotist. This certainly explains a great deal about the whackendess and evil of capitalists and economists. And thereby the basic dedication of elected politicians to punish the poor. 

All in all, more evidence that 0.9 of humanity is crap. 

“And I don’t like anyone very much.”