A Mozillian Stupidity?

Six Day. No gym. The poltroons have some sort of prejudice against being open on week out. Evidently their management thinks no one does anything on week out but reproduce and imbibe. And, of course, repent for fornicating and drunkenness on the christianist sabbath. They are incapable of conceiving of any other form or religionist expression.

So it was with some concern that I came across an article [Link] entitled “Mozilla Relents, Thunderbird Can Stay.” The title refers to the origin of the concern that Mozilla had “fired” Thunderbird. Much as I hate to say it, this was more terrible than any other firing in recent history.

Happily, the community rallied about and Mozilla suddenly realized that they had overtaken the President’s Mansion and Congress as the propagator of Amerika’s Pain, Suffering, and Death. And then, instead of doing the right thing and done the mensch thing of begging the prodigal to return, they said that Thunderbird could return if it lived over the garage and paid its own electric bill.

And health insurance. With email as a prior condition.

Some stupidities are expected in the world. Red  Necks. Politicians. Bankers. But a software company? Who does Mozilla think it is? Fruit? 

As I recall, the announced rationale for the firing was that no one uses an email client any more. In the best tradition of such announcements, political and computer, it likely had to do with something else.

What Mozilla clearly didn’t expect was for large numbers of people to come back and declare them wrong. There are people who use Thunderbird. And gCal. And all the prevarications about other Mozilla products, they don’t do calendering worth Pasteurize Chicken Poop. 

Anyway, what this has brought to a head is the question: which is more important FireFox or ThunderBird? I suspect the answer is the latter. I only know of one clone of ThunderBird and several of FireFox. I can’t get the TB clone to work but I have two of the FB clones on this box. 

If someone came and made me an adamantine requirement that I quit either FB or TB I would not hesitate. TB would stay. 

Don’t get me wrong. TB is like Sir Winston Churchill’s statement about democracy. “ThunderBird is a horrible email client. But all the other are worse.”

Much Worse.

I know. I’ve tried a half dozen. Their average lifetime on my hard drive is measured in hours. At most. 

Perhaps Mozilla needs to ask itself which is their core competency: ThunderBird or FireFox? Or considering their apparent answer to this, perhaps they need to get themselves bought up by Sears or Macy’s? They certainly seem to be unable to comprehend their marketplace.