Where The Sun Shines

One of my colleagues, Magnetic Inductance Force, sent me a link to an article in the Guardian about how a Linux user trapped a Windows scammer and turned the blackguard in to the constabulary for a well deserved evisceration. 

I have to admit that I find much of retirement draining, mostly because of its strong correlation with OLD. It’s hard to do the things you want to when your aches-and-pains are disinclining you to activity and enjoyment. 

This article, however, is uplifting not only because of the heroic nature of trouncing the brigand but because one of the most genuine enjoyments of retirement has been being able to get shed of Winders and use Linux. 

Yes, there is Linux malware. Yes, there are threats to Linux. But they are fewer than for the other OS, their existence is freely publicized instead of being treated as if they were national secrets, and their alleviation or amelioration takes days instead of months. 

Yes, there is a higher overhead to learning and using Linux. And thus fewer use it. Part of that is fewer people intelligent enough to use the OS, which is vastly offset by their willingness to share and communicate, and part of it is that the software is Free in the sense of bringing responsibility. So those who will not stand for democracy should not try to use Linux. 

They will never taste the satisfaction of doing for themselves. But they can be content with whatever MegaHard tells and gives them. Rather like the Soviet era GUM department store – whatever they had they might sell you; whatever they didn’t have you couldn’t have either. So the only way to get blue jeans was to pay a Western tourist for their’s.

Linux is rather like those blue jeans. Except the only thing you have to pay is time and a bit of skull sweat.

Incidentally, in something on order 99% of instances, Linux clients are better than Winders clients. And the only cost is your time to learn how to use them.