No Moms Need Apply

Huzzah! While at gym this morning I learned that Alibam has been given a most prestigeous recognition.

It seems Alimab has been (subjectively) determined to be the WORST state in the Yankee Republic for Working Mothers.

Hurrah! Number ONE!

This achievement has only been made possible by Alibam politicians who are, in the vast majority, the archetypes of Alibam males, that is superficially pious and unthinkingly brutal. Alibam women, of course, are supposed to be fecund, witless, and homebound. So any effort to suppress any deviation from these norms, especially for women, is not too small.

In Alibam, the ideal of most men, some women, and all politicians is to revert the state to its social and cultural environment circa 1850.

Complete with the restoration of chattel slavery. 

Taking women back to the 1950’s is the current step in the program to achieve that end.

The reason for this, I am told by psychologist colleagues, is that all Alibam men (well, almost) were raised by their mothers and hence have enormous hatred, fear, and loathing there of, mostly stemming from rabid insecurity. 

Much as I would like to discount this thesis, any examination of the Alibam government, however superficial, tends to affirm it.