Machine Meander

Five Day. And the monthly meeting of the Marshall County Linux SIG at the seat of the county. Which seems appropriate given the rump discussions that dominate the meeting. This morning was a lengthy discussion of strategies for installing new software on different distributions.

The operant word here is “new”. Unless you’re using a bleeding edge distribution version – like Debian testing – you are probably going to run into a bit of falling dominoes or even a trustability issue. So if you are running a Debian derivative, that’s you. 

The problem is mostly a mixture of latency and weirdness, hence a situation akin to Quantum Mechanics but without the canonical neatness. And thereby the need for strategy. If you’re hankering for a nifty new client then the chances are you are gonna find a bit of trouble. First, you are probably going to be confronted with a dependency that isn’t available for your distro yet and when you go to install it find it has similar dependencies. Hence the dominoes.

Or its been neatly packaged in a repository, usually a ppa, and your distro has a bit of stiff nose and won’t accept the repository’s credential. So the dependencies are available – maybe – but your package manager steadfastly denies you download. 

The most common strategy is the bide your time and wait for a kernel update. Then the veils will part and the newness stands revealed. Maybe. 

That’s a long introduction for the main mumble. I ran across an article [Link] this morning entitled “A Not-So-Fond Farewell to Windows Vista.” As the title indicates, it’s a bit of a natter about the stercus-like quality of Vister.

I can’t really disagree with much of what’s said, mostly because I had given up on Winders by the time Vister came out, and I haven’t touched any of the later Winders versions since except to bash FD SCP’s boxes. Which has improved enormously since she ceased using Swedish Sewing Clients. 

I also can’t disagree with the authors slings and arrows mostly because I only use Winders these days to run one client and I do that on a box surrounded by a moat. 

I’ve outlined in past my progression: WFWG was all right; W2K was acceptable; WXP was endurable; but the thread was cut there. And picked up by Linux. 

So all the warts and cancers of W7 and beyond are things I deal with at arms reach and can always walk away from. Which is probably something the author can’t for reasons of money or addiction. So I try for sympathy.

It’s hard. I know these people are suffering but if they can’t or won’t help themselves? It’s a challenge. 

But at least MegaHard hasn’t gotten to the point of having armed thugs drag you away from your box.

I rather wish there was a moral here but I can’t really come up with one except a bit of sympathy. And a recognition that there is a lot of suffering in life and we make some of that for ourselves. With help from large organizations.