Nail Wanted

Four Day and the Arab Electron Uncooperative is up to their usual spring tricks, shutting down the potential difference without warning and blaming it on the weather or suicidal squirrels.

This seems to be the attitude of lots of organizations these days. Democracy of human citizens seems to be replaced by Oligarchy of corporate entities.

This antic of Arab Electron Uncooperative seems trivial but it’s in the same ballpark as United Airlines yanking people off planes at random or the Alibam Council of Thieves assassinating the state executive.

If we look at the positive side, I am sure Arab Electron Uncooperative did this to provide better potential difference. Just like United would have if they had picked some mother traveling with children and yanked her off while leaving the kids on-board.

And of course, the Alibam Council did in the Guvnuh because he suddenly began acting like a Socialist and worrying about the good of the citizens and if that was allowed to continue they might be held accountable for their own apathy and misdeeds. Not that he was doing anything they and any number of his predecessors hadn’t but it was a nice excuse to fool the Gamma and Deltas. 

Still, I shouldn’t hold the electron cooperative to a higher standard. I expect nothing from a politician except theft and prevarication. I expect nothing from a corporation but prevarication and shoddy goods. So why should I expect more from a public corporation that doesn’t pay any attention to the public because it’s a monopoly?

No reason, evidently. 

But it does look more and more like civilization is going to fail because of social atherosclerosis and not war.