Vipers in Voice

One Day. Back to gym. And the educationalists were relatively demure in their decibelage this morning.

The podcast this morning was an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” (surprise! surprise!) entitled “Simile and Science Part 1”. It was a turn off almost immediately because of noxious simile.

They started off interviewing a cosmologist at the Perimeter Institute. And in the first minute of talking he used the word “truth” and I went into irretrievable doubt and disgust. I hate to admit that, but even when I know they are doing outreach I really get brain torqued when I hear a scientist use the word “truth” in relation to science.

That needs a bit of clarification. It has to do with all the baggage – nasty and reeking – that the word has attached to it. Especially here in Alibam.

First of all, truth has almost nothing to do with accuracy; it is primarily about loyalty, as in being “true” (loyal) to something. And that is diametrically opposite to science. Science is fickle, it is loyal to accuracy and only for so long as the accuracy holds. A theory is abandoned almost immediately another of greater accuracy emerges. That’s the way it is supposed to be – true to accuracy, not to a dogma or doctrine or model. 

So one can talk about being true to science but not to any manifestation of it. 

Now let’s talk about the connotation. Truth is revealed. It transcends science. And is much less. Science is tested; truth is untestable and the idea of that is anathema. Truth cannot stand being tested. Or at least the human aspect of truth cannot. And therein lies the rot and stench.

Truth is fundamentally, in this aspect, which is the most common in Alibam, religious. It is revealed to humans by the deity. Or so other humans claim. But it is supposed to be divine. And that’s where it begins to rot. Because it can only exist in the mind of the human it is revealed to. It cannot be communicated. So the only humans who know truth are the ones the deity has revealed it to. And they cannot pass it on. So it’s an exceeding rare thing. Makes gold seem common.

The word has been taken over by the justicers. They want people to tell the truth. Which humans are incapable of. Because humans rewrite their memories every time they visit them. So there is no truth in the Law or legal activities. Although it is the primary aspect of their theater. Which exists primarily to convey the prevarication that the law is about justice.

Wrong. It’s about punishment and obedience. Crowd control. Subjugation. Control. Which have nothing to do with truth.

But scientists are supposed to be dedicated to understanding and accuracy. They admit to inaccuracy in every aspect of science and work very hard to minimize it. And when they use the “T” word, they corrupt it. Just to speak in outreach.