Six Day. No gyn. Or more properly, I did my exercise bit at home since the gym pulls its trick of being closed whenever it can. No wonder it is having money problems. The only place with fewer open hours than it is the Senior Center, which only exists for the purpose of making the town conscript parents look good.

The seniors know better.

Which brings me to an article [Link] that I ran across this week entitled “The smartphone is eventually going to die, and then things are going to get really crazy.”

The indication that the article is a load of stercus is its use of the term “smartphone’. So called “smartphones” aren’t. But it is indicative of how much journalists and advertisers prevaricate that they’ll call them such. And it is indicative of how brain handicapped most humans are these days that they accept the terminology.

There are basically two arguments in this article. The first is that the functional capability of the computer has been getting steadily smaller and in the near future it will be small enough to be surgically implanted. The second is that the cellular telephone will whither away.

The problem with the first is the fallacious contention that a cellular telephone has the functional capability of a real computer. Have you ever tried to write code on a cellular telephone? Or do real work on a slablet?

The actuality is that since some fraction of the human species does noting actually constructive and has too much leisure time. (Sturgeon’s Rule probably applies here.) As a result they have to be entertained and the so-called progression is really one of stripping away the stuff that people who do constructive things need to make the box smaller. First it was the progression from main frame to desk box, then desk box to lap box. and then lap box to slablet (hand box?) Slablets have moderate utility, available only when they are augmented with keyboard and mouse-equivalent. And an argument may be made that because cellular telephones may be used for worthwhile communications, they do have a limited tool function. We will remember that.

It is very easy to tell when a cellular telephone is used for important, constructive communication. The person using the device gets away from other people. 

One of the key components of the foretold miniaturization is artificial intelligent agents. I have to admit I tried one for a couple of days. That was how long it took me to figure out they are not useful in doing work. They are useful in being entertained. 

The problem is that these implantable devices will be dependent on something other than tactile input and eye blinks are even less robust than thumb tapping. The latter may work all right for tweets and the former for quadriplegics, but not for real work by working people. 

So the whole claim that computers are gonna only live in people’s heads is probably a bunch of swamp gas derived from one too many advertising business luncheon. It may be accurate for those who do nothing constructive but they have to be abided anyway to keep the gene pool robust. 

Since the introduction of slablets, the number of desk and lap boxes has declined. Until a couple of years ago when it stabilized. That number will go down some more, largely because many of those boxes are relics in profit greedy businesses. But they will still be the means by which constructive things are done. So they won’t go away.

There is a possibility, small, that “smartphones” may go away. Lots of folks who do and have no use for texting or anything but audio conversation are reverting to talk only cellular telephones. They may actually be the enduring instrument. 

But the cutting edge of future surgery is probably more for those who don’t than those who do.