Loudness * Smartness = Constant

Five Day. Last day of gym. Not quite fun. First the air temperature was rather lower than I like and hence a bit colding. And a pair of rather noisome and (loudly) noisy women who have begun to attend the last couple of weeks were so boisterous that they drowned out the podcast I was listening to. The current hypothesis is that they must be educationalists since they seem to lack “indoor voices” and are only capable of loudness. 

Not that the podcast was really all that engaging. An ostensible Linux podcast consumed by the rather unengaging and offputting natter of some wanna-be writer whose connection to Linux was never established. Why is it that American podcasts are so inferior to those from England and even Canadia? 

Speaking of inferior, I had occasion to reflect this morning on the discorporation of Sokrates. A sterling example of what evil befalls when democracy (or any form of government?) fails. The unchecked rule of the majority is seldom a good thing being one of the things most likely to bring on collapse and extinction. When you start consuming your own outsider will quickly come to your aid, usually in a fashion detrimental to your well being. 

This is not to say that there is not competition in any viable society, but when the competition becomes too intense it turns into self-destruction and while that may please those who want to make large changes in society we need to not forget that any society larger than the individual has an inherent fragility and that any society shattered wrecks far worse destruction than if the society had never existed.

And while we have skated over the edge before we need to keep in mind that the tighter and faster the forces binding the society, the more fragile it is. 

Which leads us to the question of whether the people who lead societies do not abandon their smarts as a prerequisite for that distinction?

Like those educationalists who are so busy being loud that they are unaware of what is transpiring about them?