Five Day. End of Gym Week. Mixed Feelings. Glad to be rid of the drive, both motorcar and psychological. Finished listening to an episode of “Destination Linux,” a new (to me) podcast I have been sampling. Sadly, may be the last. Definitely an inferior product. Content C; Presentation F. If this is a destination, how do I change direction?

Not that it didn’t give me some thoughts and that’s why it’s in the “maybe” bin. But I had to sort them out from a rather Red Neck level of presentation, very shave-once-a-week gimmie cap Bog EXTRO type of thing. But I need to clarify a bit.

While I listen to podcasts at gym to divert my attention from the fundamentally abysmal boredom of exercise, I expect the podcast to be educational and (hopefully) a bit amusing. This one failed on the latter. In fact it was painful and grating. Sort of like those Jock harassment monologues Nerds had to endure in High School before they went on to college and the Jocks went to the trade schule. 

What is uncertain is the educational aspect. I can’t say I learned any facts but since the presentation engendered (how’s that for a nice Chaucerian word?) some cogitation the decision is in abeyance. Definitely, “Waiting Is.”

This is closest to the question of gaming on Linux. Not of much interest. I am quite content for my modest gaming requirements, mostly as head clearing breaks of the sort that used to distance me from other supervisors and managers who thought employee breaks were evil and cancerous. So I am ambivalent to the whole thing of pornographic gaming. 

That comment needs of explanation since all sorts of alarums just sounded in the cranium. Consulting the dictionary,

Pornography Por*nog”ra*phy, n. [Gr. ? a harlot + -graphy.]      3. obscene pictures, writings, drawings, motion pictures, videos, or the like intended primarily to cause sexual arousal and having little or no artistic merit; also, the content of such materials.

makes things clear(?) These games are a form of arousal. Heavy duty chemicals that politicians want to ban and usually fail only because someone points out doing so will kill them. (And other people, but that’s irrelevant to politicians.)

In a similar aspect, I am negatively ambivalent about “Convergence,” the Linux equivalent of Kurzweil’s Singularity which is itself a sort of techno-geek Rapture. The argument is simple. I like chicklet keys on my RPN calculator (and RPN over Algebraic is part of the argument,) and not on my keyboard where I prefer Cherry Blue switches. And I detest touch screens. 

This brings me to the pinnacle of all this Linux stuff. Simply put I don’t much care about The-Year-Of-The-Linux-Desktop. It’s rot and nonsense. Back when I was a neub (and still am skills-wise,) I thought I should advocate for it. But then I realized it was nothing but a mixture of insecurity (did I really make the right decision to switch to Linux?) and greed (keep the neubs’ boxes humming – for a large fee.) 

But after observing and noting that almost all Bogs want to submit to being mind dominated by large corporations so they only have to consume and feel – but not, never, ever, if possible, think – I realized that Great-Uncle George’s advice held true.

“If you lead a horse to water, you have two choices: leave him alone or drown the SOB. And if you drown him you have to do something with the body otherwise the Revenooers come after you for littering or pollution or animal cruelty or some such Yankee legal stercus.”

Despite being a JP, GU George was rather untrusting of the constabulary.

Anyway, I have had my year of the Linux desktop for several years now, and if someone asks I will share with them, but I ain’t into racial cleansing or chattel slavery. Mostly because it’s too much trouble. 

Now I gotta go do something constructive.