Shannon Wept

Six Day and DIhydrogen Oxide falleth. I started to key “from the sky” and then berated myself the concept, the illusion of Rayleigh scattering and simple gravity. But is gravity simple. We used to think so but now?

But regardless, no walking this morning. I had to content myself with a bit of grind on the stationary bicycle and thus my thoughts have scant grounding in the abused Nature. Nonetheless, some few neurons have done handshakes and now I have reason to wish the weekout out.

I ran across an article [Link] in the news rag of the campus of the Boneyard earlier this week entitled “Illini Republican bake sale has flawed reasoning.” That was not the accumulation point; the totality of politics is an epitome of flawed reasoning. In effect, it is a super renewal of such, a progression from one instance of flawed reasoning to another, in both serial and parallel, and evidently unbounded except at nil.

Rather, the gathering was a picture (photograph) that accompanied the article

The article is clearly written by someone who has scant tolerance for Republicans and is highly critical, in places insultingly so, of their efforts on campus in general and in this particular.

I find the matter intriguing. When I was a student at the campus some forty-five or so years ago, Republicans were in scant evidence. So I have to ask – unanswered – if their presence today reflects some tolerance of diversity unpresent in my day? I find this question difficult because I arrived on campus to find a student union whose walls were still smeared with human feces after a student occupation in protest of the Vietnam conflict. This protest was met with considerably different means than that a Kent State.

As a graduate student I had much more to worry about than protest and injustice. The demands on graduate students – assistantships, courses, qualifying exams, research – were unjust enough to engage almost all my capacity. I might be in agreement with some perceived (and possibly actual) wrong but I had scant attention nor time to assess their worthiness much less participate.

But this poster caught my attention because I was unsure of how to decipher it? Was this some attempt by the Party of Liberation to recover its roots and appeal to a base other than the rich and disgruntled? Or was it an act of taunting condescension? I thought not because even in college politicians are developed enough not to enrage too many minorities.

I was also confused by the script. It seems to indicate some degree of artistic capacity which seems antithetical to politician.

The bottom caveat was surprising in that it was the same as it was in my day. Evidently these student organizations are bound by the U not to exclude anyone who cannot pay and no means of determining that is provided. Hence the “suggested”. But the idea of bribing (?) women seems the most telling. Is this effort no more than the frantic efforts of unloved pseudo-conservatives to bribe women into their fold? Or is it some strange and easily misconstrued attempt at sincere recruitment.

The actual text of the article provided little insight. If anything it struck me as being a typical political rhetoric of denigrating the opposition without any inkling of any merit on either side. I have seen this before in student protests: the logic has failed and all that is left is the trajectory of poo.

But it is still a commanding bit of photography.