In Vacuum and in Tearfoam

Five Day and rid of gym – maybe – for the week out. Sparse this morning. Perhaps anticipation of the delayed spring desessioning of schule in Marshall County?

I have to wonder if this is some slip of the local schule management or if there is some coordination to stagger the loosening of delinquents and pre-delinquents? I know the Huntsville schules were desessioned this week, an absence I was quite thankful of braving the streets of Nawth Alibam’s diggingest city. When my parents moved to the metropolis from the discorporating city of Gadsden in 1952 I was introduced to a situation where several key intersections/stretches of road – always VERY heavily used – were blocked or just torn up by the city street bashers. But what was most notable were the access denial signs that were enhanced (?) by the phrase “Digging for a Better Huntsville.”

In the intervening 60+ years of my personal observation and experience, they have yet to find this better – much less the “good”, if I may misquote Sokrates – and the hypothesis that nowhere in Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill is better is more than moderately tenable. The kindest thing I can say about road maintenance in Huntsville is that the city efforts make the Yankee Army’s on the Arsenal look good. Even with the repeated discussion of why good resources are being wasted on civilians?

On which azimuth, I noted this morning some grr brr in some of the science outreach journalism that the tardigrade possesses some protein that serves it in “the office of a moat” to protect it from drying out in arid and vacuum (ish) conditions.

I qualify that because IMHO the vacuum is an unreachable ideal. And I have to wonder if Boyle would be in agreement? I have two primary reasons for thinking this. One is that for a container to contain a vacuum – nothing – it must contain no matter. But what keeps the inner surface from eroding? And two, which I consider the more telling, how does one keep vacuum particles – those quantum mechanical ghosts advanced by Dirac – from popping up right in the middle of an experiment and rendering the vacuum null?

For that matter, is there some impossibility of nullifying a vacuum? Or is it just a natural thing that totally destroys our Babel tower of language?

Anyway, getting back to our azimuth, there is also a beastie, the Demodex, which is a parasite that lives on human eyelids, and also has an intriguing appearance:

The resemblance is apparent if one ignores the teddy bearness of the tardigrade and the fecal sac of the demodex. Whereas the tardigrade keeps itself from drying up via its protein barrier, the demodex is notable for discorporating when its fecal sac gets overfull and explodes (well, fails, by rupturing, I imagine, since I have not observed such.)

So is it not plausible that the combination of the two could provide the most entertaining cartoon programming since Moose and Squirrel?

On which note, I note that a real devotee of Science Fiction knows that the Original Spiderman was Robinson. 

Have a good Pun Day.