ORF Outburst

One Day. And back to gym. Air temperature well below comfortable. And lower foretold by the weather beavers. 

As is my usual on One Day I listened to an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas.” This episode was an interview with some comedian about the expression of humor. It wasn’t.

And as I left the gym, some schmuck win a pickup truck swerved into the inner lane right in front of me, braked HARD, and turned into a petrol station. All with no blinking!

This put me to mind on what I dislike enough to rant about:

Schmucks who change lane or turn without the courtesy of blinking. I include in this those asses who only blink once. Then I consign to the hot regions of Tartarus without benefit of any rash analgesic.

I also dislike organizations who either discontinue products because they can’t make enough money on them and either cease to carry in their stores or cease to manufacture. These I consign to the level of Tartarus where Helium is liquid. 

I even more dislike organizations who deliberately lie. Organizations are not humans; they do not have to lie; they can only do so deliberately. These I consign to the level of Tartarus where Helium is solid. And their organizational executives are embedded up to their necks in the Helium.

I also dislike the Yankee Congress. Yes, this is the obligatory biannual natter about Daylight Savings Time. This also for their apparent desire to deny medical treatment to most of the population. I can think of no punishment sufficiently severe so I will settle for persistent nattering. 

And lastly, I am unhappy with comedians. The schmuck – the one in the podcast – this morning said that jokes thought unfunny weren’t. I beg to differ. If I don;t comprehend the joke then it cannot be funny. Comedy is like teaching: if it doesn’t work for me, it’s a failure. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about the comedian or the teacher. Only what I think.

But I do like Mondays. FIrst fay of the week. A whole seven days to try to accomplish something.