American Serfdom

One Day, and back to gym. An increase in the density of schmucks and ferds. Began to think traffic signals were needed. And they just hang in the middle of pathways obstructing. 

The podcast, an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” was an interview with some journalist whose harangue was that war is the means by which organizations strip us of our freedoms.

As with most journalists these days, this was not news and definitely not original.

But the crowning pinnacle was reached by the National Broadcasting Corporation (an organization) via its affiliate WAFF [Link] who declared in their subtexting that they do not know the difference, nor the proper context, for the words “border” and “boarder”. 

Evidently editing is either dead or disposed of as an economy measure.

It is evident that the organizations have won, proving once again that human and money are orthogonal and to maximize the latter the former must be minimized.

This is the new serfdom. The vast majority of the population are illiterate, not in the sense of being unable to read, but in only reading (and seeing and hearing) things that are inaccurate and false.

We have become a nation of gossip serfs, courtesy of greed, over organization, and social media.

One more reason I am glad to be ORF.

Ice Cream Extravaganza

Still Seven Day. And the tabs are lengthening. But instead of hawgin’ I happened to notice a rather strange (?) chain of connections.

First, an article [Link] entitled “Long-lasting mental health isn’t normal.” First of all, there is the misuse of the term “normal’. It either means orthogonal or finite area under the curve. It isn;t a synonym for modal.

Second, is the finding in a New Zealand study that 

“A small, poorly understood segment of the population stays mentally healthy from age 11 to 38, a new study of New Zealanders finds. Everyone else encounters either temporary or long-lasting mental disorders.”

which can be inverted to say that the majority of a population of age 11 to 38 inclusive has some form of mental disorder while they are resident in the age bin.

Doesn’t say anything about younger bairns or those of age greater than 38 but we can conjecture that mental disorder is not unusual in humans and may actually be part of life.

Next, an article [Link] entitled “Here’s Why People Become Angry When Their Political Beliefs Are Challenged.” This from a U Southron California study that indicates people have a deep and durable mental whackoidness about their political views.

Definitely not rational and skeptical.

The third article [Link] is entitled “Why politicians think they know better than scientists – and why that’s so dangerous.”

This struck me. Not something I hadn’t already conjectured but it is a bit unnerving to get a form of confirmation. 


Bounded At Infinity

Seven Day. And a lovely fawg. Walked in. Enjoyed the light scattering, so dense it was a diffusion.

And then I ran across an article [Link] “The Tech Industry Is Obsessed With Immortality.” And this generated some thinkage. 

I have read stories about immortality for years. And have come to the hypothesis, maybe moree of a conjecture, that it’s an ugly thing.

Living forever. 

Are you the only one? Then you will have friends and enemies who are only passing, never present for any significant time. You are alone.

Are you several to many? Then you will become an oligarchy or dead. Depends on whether you dominate the temporaries or they dispose of you.

Are you all? Then things are static, always the same people and things, and boring. So why live?

On which note, what happens when your brain fills up? A forever of drooling asentience?

And, to quote the Kingston Trio, “I don’t like anyone very much.” So why put myself in pain? When the planet is populated by bubbas and bozos, death is a relief. And the only escape.

So why forever? What’s missing? From my view or theirs?

To say nothing of when Sol reaches out and consumes Tellus.

Digital Dinkage

Six Day. No gym. Walked under the fall of dihydrogen oxide. Wonderful! At least if I don’t contract pneumonia or influenza or whatever.

Brought me to thinking about computers and users and OSs. 

The situation: we have three (actually four) OS in play: iOS; Winders; and Linux. For the nonce I am going to exclude Android from Linux simoly because it doesn’t really run on real computers. More of this vitriol later.

I saw an advertisement for a computer OEM D***. The advertisement said “D*** recommends Winders 10.” (sooc.) And I immediately thought how hard it is to buy a computer without the cancer that is Winders.

Which made me think about statistics and that led to a different way of looking at the matter, at least for me. I should give credit to my colleague, Normal Angular Momentum, for the seed crystal of the whole thing.

Consider the spectrum of computer “users” (as a rather all encompassing name) in terms of how much they “want” to dink with an OS. Specify three bins: absolutely don’t want to dink at all (appliance users;) will dink a bit; and want to dink. Admittedly there is potentially a LOT of space between bin two and bin three so a bit of qualification is in order.

Bin one is people who want someone else to install their OS and they NEVER want to have to ask anyone to dink for them.

Bin two includes people who will reach their dink upper bound very quickly and then either curse a lot, throw their computer out a window or under a main battle tank, and go buy anew one, or hire someone knowledgeable – usually a bin three – to dink for them.

For our purposes we will ignore whether tuning eye candy qualifies as dinking. 

Now let us observe that statistically both bin one and bin three compromise about a sigma of the population in the context of a Gaussian distribution

Now let us consider that: bin one is entirely populated with iOS users; bin three is entirely populated with Linux users; and that bin two is predominantly Winders users with a few industrious (masochistic?) iOS users and a few ferdish Linux users.

That’s it. That’s the population of computer users. And it explains why businesses really hate Linux and Apple users. 

And the Android folks? They are people who can’t dink. Want is irrelevant.

Social Medium

Yesterday I had to motor to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City of the Hill – second of the week – for the annual inspection of my visual sensors by my Opto-physician and his staff. Aside from the usual grrr brrr of less than enjoyable tests, I was a bit betaken by their forms of address to me. The staff always address the hamsters (a bit more than lab rats but not much more) as Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. but the arzt himself addressed me by “Doctor.” 

As I said I am betaken by this. Most communities in the Yankee Republic are such that the majority of “Doctors” in the community are physicians and dentists; secondarily thumpers of holy writ. Huntsville – the reason why it is a Shining City – is one of the exceptions. Most of the “Doctors” in Huntsville are actual nerds of the technical perversion and not medicalists or justicers or divines.

Usually the exceptions are college towns and while Huntsville has more than its share of real (as opposed to for-profit diploma mills masquerading as real) colleges and universities. But those “Doctors” are a minority. The majority are the folks who work for the Yankee Army or NASAl or one of their contractors. So the social order is different from most places.

Those “most places”, the ones where the Doctoral population is dominated by the medicalists, is rather exclusionary and elitist. Under no circumstances are the other doctorate holders – except maybe the divines – ever called “Doctor.” The reason (excuse?) for this is always Unity of Command, to appropriate the Army term. And the society of these towns is rather exclusionary. The medicalists only associate with themselves except for business and superstition. It’s rather formal and stuffy.

It’s similar at college towns except the formal stuffy ones are the faculty.

But in Huntsville its rather uncomfortable for the medicalists and academics and divines because the Techno-nerds are the doctorate majority. And they are generally more open and unstuffy. (I’m not sure what the opposite of stuffy is here.) And it makes for a much more open community.

But it does confuse the devil out of the staffs. So they end up getting stuffy to protect themselves from the heresy or lese majeste (not sure which.) And are thus a bit entertaining.

And we often get some intriguing cross-discipline fertilization.

But then I came back to Arab and was once more a minority.

Motoring Modification

For some time I have been entertaining the hypothesis that the motorcar drivers who do not use their blinker lamps to indicate turns or lane changes are incapable of operating such due to mental deficiency. Now a second such state has been offered to me: that motorcar drivers who are unaware that they don’t know where they are going also do not use their blinker lamps.

Degeneracy. a source of bemused satisfaction.


Two Day. The podcast episode was about a contraceptive pill for men. Not an actuality yet but the search for. 

I find myself bemused by the idea. Probably under the undue influence of my undergraduate examples of manly maleness otherwise known as Greeks and Jocks. 

I can’t imagine a single one who would take a male contraceptive. All were insecure of their potency and virility… and as such would have been unable to make use of such an insurance.

Which comes back to the difference between men and women. Or at least, one of them. Biology, I am told, drives men to try to impregnate as many women as possible and women to make the man that seemed to have impregnated her stay around, at least until the bairn was old enough to look after itself. Eighteen years or thereabouts. 

So in this model I can see women using a contraceptive to make sure they are impregnated by the optimal combination of genetic strength that will manifest in the offspring and probability of staying around to mature the offspring.

But a man taking a contraceptive? Only in modern society as a means of casting doubt on paternity suits. Maybe. The question is whether anyone is really that secure?

So the podcast was scantly listened to after the first few minutes. Because the basic premise – rather weak in presentation – had to be dissected and examined. And that is still on-going.

It’s all academic for me. I am way too old and infirm to start a bairn. To say nothing of scant inclination. And I have done my duty to the species by raising one already. Not well perhaps, but honestly.