Organized Irrationality

Obese Two Day. Mysticism meets Orgy.

On which azimuth, I came to consider subjectivity today. I am periodically (?) bemused by how much of how society operates is wholly arbitrary and subjective.

Let’s start with justice. Whenever someone is injured, that person (occasionally,) their relatives (always,) and friends (seldom) clamor for justice. The justice they want is usually revenge and it is always what they think should be inflicted not any rational or shared assessment. Rather reminds me of Sean Connery in that Elliot Ness movie about constantly upping the retribution until radioactive extinction occurs.

Intriguingly, and despite its claims, the legal system is not about justice. It’s about control, keeping the violence in the hands of organization and out of the hands of individuals.

Fairness is another one. What someone considers fair is always theirs, not a necessarily shared thing. Having both parties in an interaction negotiate “fair” is rare and even then probably isn’t or they wouldn’t have wasted time and effort on it.

Why this subjectivity today? Because both are all about the individual feeling good and not thinking.