Morning Amusement?

Reading daily tabs. Except maybe on Wednesday when I have to go do real stuff. But in the process this morning I ran across an article [Link] entitled “Which is Better, Mac or Windows?” on LifeHacker. This is a podcast and I didn’t listen to it for reason that are (or will become) obvious. Not telling others to not listen, just that it ain’t my thing.

I also have to admit that I have only listened to one LifeHacker podcast and that was only for ten minutes. And controlling the urge to regurgitate kept me from smashing the MP3 player and only erasing the abomination file.

But the idea that there would be people who would listen to a podcast arguing the merits and defects of Apple OS versus Winders was engaging. I had not thought there were any people like this, or at least any statistically significant number.

I have known many Winders users. Almost none had any interest in changing OS. And of the few who did, most were frustrated by the high monetary cost of Apple and the high (?) cognitive cost of Linux. Apple for the exorbitant (but excellent) hardware and Linux for an increased need to actually think and learn and do. 

Hence the mutterings about Appliance Bogs.

Of the Apple folk I have known all had the conviction of rabid christianist evangelicals. Those who believe Sprague DeCamp’s version of Freedom of Religion is holy writ. That the week isn’t good if you haven’t killed an other-believer. Either by actual discorporation or bullying into your perversions. They are better mannered, admittedly, and most are Jewish in attitude towards evangelicalism, namely that you have to prove you are worthy of Apple. Which is maybe better?

Cost aside, there is no real competition here. Apple OS is lots better than Winders. At least 10dB. Maybe more. Winders is for herd bogs who are afraid of learning. Who have been mindwiped by their schules and employers into thinking they have to be well behaved serfs who never learn anything about computers other than surfing and socialing. The make Eighteenth Century chattel slavery look enlightened.

Not that Apple is much better but at least the OS is. And the hardware. But not the chains. Soma by electronics.

But the most bemusing bit was the personal notes of what each commentator was doing. Laughable. I listen to a Linux podcast and the commentators are doing great stuff, either writing code or bashing metal or learning something. These guys are making ice cubes or counting hits on their social media. Makes me wonder what their creds are to actually do a geekcast?

I’m gonna go open an editor and write some code. Then maybe the urge will abate.