Rust Box

Seven Day. Solid Dihydrogen Oxide outside. So no constitutional. But the morning groats were welcome. 

Part of this week has been spent arguing with Winders. And I feel a bit soiled after doing so. Rather like when one changes the lubricant in one’s motorcar and feels rather slimy/slippery for a couple of days after despite several applications of detergent to oneself. In this instance sort of like falling into the LaBrea tar pits, extricating oneself, only to encounter a Mephitis Mephitis on the bank and fall backwards into the pits again choking and gagging on the noxiousness.

Hence my positive mood this morning when I ran across an article [Link] entitled “Get Yourself a Chromebook For Under $150, Today Only.” I have to admit that I bought a ChromeBook, a refurbed one for a bit less than this price.

And I also have to admit that I feel like I was cheated.

The hardware is abysmal but even so it is sterling compared to the OS. It’s worse than the OS on the IBM 360 I had to use in undergraduate days. 

All you can do with a ChromeBook – effectively – is browse. Almost nothing constructive. 

After a bit of research I discovered that the implementation – hardware – is virtually the same as a Stercus lapbox I have wrangled with because of the way Horrible Packaging implemented secure boot UEFI. But even less useful.

So I have to conclude that the combination of HP and Chrome is Sturgeon’s Rule to the nth root. That is 0.91/n. Where n is large; bigger than 1E2. 

Oh! And I can’t even run FORTRAN code on it!

But what scares me is that there are actual people who define their lives via this. 

Three Cheers for the Extinction Meteorite! May it arrive soon!