OS Off

Today has been a day of Operating Systems.

First, I went to the gym. Opened at 0350. The opening clerk was a bit late. The podcast was an episode of Linux Voice. This was the first time I listened to. Have been trying to find another good (?) Linux podcast to replace Linux Luddites. And yes, I did subscribe to Late Night Linux the successor to Linux Luddites but it lacks some quality. Besides I want some depth of field to sample. 

I forget which podcast I sampled last week but it was a failure.

Not so Linux Voice. Quite comparable to Luddites. Not much in the way of profanity – I understand people getting emotional but it adds nothing to why I listen to a podcast, which is education. I wanna learn something and since I can curse in six (or so) languages now, not including FORTRAN or PASCAL or even FORTH – maybe all of FORTH is profane? – ain’t much some keyboard jocks are gonna lay on my profanity vocab.

So that was a plus for Linux.

Then I had to go get my ears lowered. Which was also an exercise in hair cutting OS. Not very useful but entertaining. And fun.

Then back home to wrangle with some Winders VII boxes. Way does anyone use Winders? It takes me an hour to do something I could do in five minutes on Linux. An hour is enough to install a new distro after reformatting the HD. When it comes to brainwashing MegaHard makes the Chinese look like kindergarten kids.

And just so I don’t let Linux off the hook, I have decided that KDE 5 is a pile of stercus. Have tried six different distros with KDE 5 native in the last two weeks and on all of them the rendering goes crackers within a day regardless of anything I do. Install card driver or not. ….. Piece of CRAP!

I’m gonna stay with KDE 4 until it goes away and then find something else.

Also, how do Winders people live without repositories? Poor uncivilized asentients? Multi-cell amoebae? Definitely not really human.