Digital Dinkage

Six Day. No gym. Walked under the fall of dihydrogen oxide. Wonderful! At least if I don’t contract pneumonia or influenza or whatever.

Brought me to thinking about computers and users and OSs. 

The situation: we have three (actually four) OS in play: iOS; Winders; and Linux. For the nonce I am going to exclude Android from Linux simoly because it doesn’t really run on real computers. More of this vitriol later.

I saw an advertisement for a computer OEM D***. The advertisement said “D*** recommends Winders 10.” (sooc.) And I immediately thought how hard it is to buy a computer without the cancer that is Winders.

Which made me think about statistics and that led to a different way of looking at the matter, at least for me. I should give credit to my colleague, Normal Angular Momentum, for the seed crystal of the whole thing.

Consider the spectrum of computer “users” (as a rather all encompassing name) in terms of how much they “want” to dink with an OS. Specify three bins: absolutely don’t want to dink at all (appliance users;) will dink a bit; and want to dink. Admittedly there is potentially a LOT of space between bin two and bin three so a bit of qualification is in order.

Bin one is people who want someone else to install their OS and they NEVER want to have to ask anyone to dink for them.

Bin two includes people who will reach their dink upper bound very quickly and then either curse a lot, throw their computer out a window or under a main battle tank, and go buy anew one, or hire someone knowledgeable – usually a bin three – to dink for them.

For our purposes we will ignore whether tuning eye candy qualifies as dinking. 

Now let us observe that statistically both bin one and bin three compromise about a sigma of the population in the context of a Gaussian distribution

Now let us consider that: bin one is entirely populated with iOS users; bin three is entirely populated with Linux users; and that bin two is predominantly Winders users with a few industrious (masochistic?) iOS users and a few ferdish Linux users.

That’s it. That’s the population of computer users. And it explains why businesses really hate Linux and Apple users. 

And the Android folks? They are people who can’t dink. Want is irrelevant.