Two Day. The podcast episode was about a contraceptive pill for men. Not an actuality yet but the search for. 

I find myself bemused by the idea. Probably under the undue influence of my undergraduate examples of manly maleness otherwise known as Greeks and Jocks. 

I can’t imagine a single one who would take a male contraceptive. All were insecure of their potency and virility… and as such would have been unable to make use of such an insurance.

Which comes back to the difference between men and women. Or at least, one of them. Biology, I am told, drives men to try to impregnate as many women as possible and women to make the man that seemed to have impregnated her stay around, at least until the bairn was old enough to look after itself. Eighteen years or thereabouts. 

So in this model I can see women using a contraceptive to make sure they are impregnated by the optimal combination of genetic strength that will manifest in the offspring and probability of staying around to mature the offspring.

But a man taking a contraceptive? Only in modern society as a means of casting doubt on paternity suits. Maybe. The question is whether anyone is really that secure?

So the podcast was scantly listened to after the first few minutes. Because the basic premise – rather weak in presentation – had to be dissected and examined. And that is still on-going.

It’s all academic for me. I am way too old and infirm to start a bairn. To say nothing of scant inclination. And I have done my duty to the species by raising one already. Not well perhaps, but honestly.