Inherent Evil

Lovely haze this morning. Which the weather beavers are proclaiming as fog but so far as I can tell from the visibility numbers only one spot in the Volunteer state actually has fog.

So in that vein I can report that the Super Bowl continued this morning with a right lusty defecation on my return from gym. The joys of Oatmeal! Which is perhaps the solitary (or at least nearly so,) joy of winter. Not that this has been much winter except in my straining to avoid shivering. Not easy on blood thinners and a thin diet of low impulse foodstuffs.

The podcast this morning was an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” entitled “The Myth of the Secular.” From my point of view the whole thing was rather a collection of stercus. The argument was muddled but mostly consisted of deposing the idea that secular is public and religion is private.

Evidently this rather farcical idea is appealing to sociologists (and probably a lot of bogs who pretend to be rational?) Strikes me as the same sort of pseudo-science practiced (?) by economists. Maybe worse?

Anyway the antithesis was offered by an Indian (as in subcontinent) sociologist. Somehow these episodes come across as horribly unbelievable and ambiguous. 

I tend to approach the matter largely from an organizational standpoint. Large scale evil is perpetrated by organizations; small scale evil is perpetrated by individuals. Religion is more often evil than not, excusing its evil as good in the typical prevarications and circumlocutions typical of developed religions. The secular, on the other hand, is also particularly evil but in a different guise. It just ignores the evil it does.

Otherwise hopeful of a passable one day without the benefits of either religion or the secular.