Winter Wonderland

Six Day. And rather miserable outside. The weather beavers [Link] blew it rather badly. The temperature is six degF lower than their forecast. That’s almost 25% error! I expect an occasional error, but these folks are too consistent. 

And it’s not just that station. 

The only good thing about this is that marveling at their egregious errors distracts from the actual weather.

Which is too fricking colding.

Definitely a love-hate situation with blood thinners.

The only thing that makes me happy I am ORF about this is that I don’t have to worry about the tyranny of recess. Bullies and colding. Of course we get that lots of other places. Like the gym and medicalists’ offices. Why do the medicalists permit/encourage their staffs to be so abusive of their customers?

Is it because we’re captives?

Or to instill allegiance?

Winter and ORF: dry ice and motor oil.