Excluded Pornography

I normally do not recommend software for social media, often because I don;t do much social media activity. I get on FaceScroll once a day to sample what’s what with people I haven’t seen in a while and often, don’t want to see. Mostly people I went to high schule or college with or worked with. 

But I installed a browser client “Social Fixer” and have been pleasantly surprised with how much it has improved the experience.

The client has numerous capabilities but the one I am waxing poetical about here is its capability to filter certain FaceScroll postings. In this case Sports and Politics Pornography (and yes, I realize that’s almost redundant. Politics and Sports that I can involve myself in and do are not pornographic because I participate and don’t observe. But those are scarce and this client strains out about 0.9+ of all that porn.) 

I recognize that there are people who enjoy this type of pornography. I do not but I have no substantive desire to be prudish about it so long as I am not exposed to it incessantly. 

Like fall American football and partisan politics.

So jolly good job on that client.