Bog Weather Nonsense

Raining this morning. And Bogs bitchin’ this morning at gym about the weather getting “cold”. 

Stupidity. Disgusting even if we know we can expect no better from Bogs. 

Cold is not a thermodynamic or meteorological quantity. It cannot be measured. It can, however, be observed since it is a sensation. If a person shivers observers can observe that person to be “cold”.

I discount here the noun form that refers to a viral infection. Clearly not what the Bogs are misusing. And the natter on it is a separate matter. 

The term “hot” is a bit different. It is ambiguous in the sense that its proper thermodynamic meaning applies to all conditions above absolute zero – zero degK. 

Otherwise it is not meaningful and thereby a useful word to Bogs since it is another sensation that can talk about as if it were a measurable.


Warm is essentially the same as “cold” and hence no further nattering.

No wonder we are a third world nation.