First Sundae

The new year is dawned. And it’s ice cream day and dihydrogen oxide falleth from the skies. Not clear which of those are good and which bad, but it definitely is a mixture.

A lot of people bemoaned how bad last year was but then I can’t recall a good year in many years. Maybe this will be the year we destroy ourselves and we no longer have to worry about such things?

In celebration of not engaging in the festivities (???????????) of last evening, I have a few articles to inflict. First, [Link] I see that the Icelanders have opened a temple (?) to the Norse gods and it has a membership that is a significant fraction of the national population. Not sure if this is attractive but it definitely is a welcome alternative to the sad state of christianism that I see here in Greater Metropolitan Arab. 

In a similar channel, I have an older article [Link] about how rabbis in Israel have denounced christistmas trees. I was particularly taken by a couple of semi-quotes

“He called the tree “idolatry”, warning that it was a “pagan” symbol that violated the kosher status of the building, including its food hall.”


“This is not about freedom of worship,” Dokow told the Technion’s students. “This is the world’s only Jewish state. And it has a role to be a ‘light unto the nations’ and not to uncritically embrace every idea.”

It’s somehow refreshing for a rebbe to denounce a christianist practice as idolatry, pagan, and refer to the denouncement as bringing light. 

Of course, the tree is originally a northern European practice adopted by the church of Rome to assist in coercing natives to accept christianism. What is intriguing is the implication that it drags that paganism along with it? Of course, I suspect the good rebbe considers all of christianism to be the worst form of paganism. 

The light bringing however, is common to most religions and denomination. For some reason the whole illumination of the shadows is associated with superstition and mysticism rather than reality. Seems rather a paradigm of religion, doesn’t it?

Gad, the new year has already started out on a good footing, hasn’t it?