Holiday Horror 3

The node nears. Today is the eve of the Mass of Joshua ben Joseph bar David. Or so I am told. Not that very many of the folks in Greater Metropolitan Arab will attend or even approve of mass. The religious kind, not the real kind. But the tantrum throwers will be pushing their own variety of the myth.

And family will gather. And therein lies the actual horror. People you only see twice a year who pretend to be close to you and impose their EXTRO behavior on you because they refuse to admit any inkling of the EXTRO/INTRO divide intrude on their underused neurons.

In some cases, unused except the autonomous ones. Certainly not the thinking ones.

So we must prepare elaborate foodstuffs that poison us and taste bad in the bargain. Because it is expected and anyone who fails to comply is inhuman and evil. Not the ones who impose the tyranny, only those who try to rise above it.

And array ourselves in noxious garments that we would not wear by choice and must keep to only wear in this season. Veblen would laugh!

And go off to someone else’s domicile to gather and be uncomfortable and in pain.

Overall, the reason the season is wished to be joyous is evidently a bit of galgenhumor? Or denial?