Thankful/Unthankful 4

Yes, I know the holiday known as thanksgiving is some past but its proximity to the Solstice Season provides at least a weak link.

Today’s nattering is about electronics. Particularly digital electronics. Aka computers.

I am distinctly unthankful for all the merchants who intimate that I should expect slablets and such as gifts and should unitarily consider them as gifts.

Stupidity. Greed. Asentience. 

Given my experiences with rubbish electronics. Such as the current state of Hewlett Packard. (How long has it been since they introduced a NEW RPN calculator?) And Dell is a close third.

And slablets? Appliances masquerading as real computers. Useful only in weight restricted situations. Where nothing worthwhile is to be done. Entertainment and diversion only. 

And cellular telephones. Definitely Freudian. Very Hate-Abide. No love component. 

And the popped zit head executives who think that everyone is going to do all computing on slablets and phonyiums. 

But I am thankful for real computers. Which excludes those pre-ruined by MegaHard’s insecurity. And utile OS like Linux. 

And I am especially thankful for screensavers. A vastly underappreciated art form. Of which the best is “Flying Toasters.”

And keyboards with Blue Cherry switches. Not the stercus that comes bundled with deskboxes. 

Selah. For now.