Messiah Munch 3

While it’s ice cream day, I may as well pick on Lifehacker a bit more. Yesterday I ran across an article [Link] entitled “The Anti-Science Craze Driven by Millennials.” Actually this is on Gizmodo but it’s part of the same current so it shares the responsibility.

This article appears to be about the GEN Y (Millennial?) equivalent of being Republican. That is, ignorant, inaccurate, denialist, and outright prevaricative. In this case it’s also science which the Republicans are also quite keen on exterminating with prejudice.

Basically, it presents some survey analysis that indicates GEN Ys consider “organic” foods to be beneficial but gene modified organisms (gmos) to be detrimental.

The problem is that they are hideously inaccurate.

First of all, they use “organic” improperly. I won’t belabor the Nerd definition but I will present a Websterish definition

“Of or pertaining to compounds which are derivatives of hydrocarbons; pertaining to, or denoting, any one of a large series of carbon-containing compounds which are related to the carbon compounds produced by biological processes (such as methane, oils, fats, sugars, alcohols, ethers, proteins, etc.) and include many substances of artificial production which may or may not occur in animals or plants;”

The GEN Ys evidently use a definition sold to their minds by the grocery industry of foodstuffs produced without antibiotics or other additives – except the ones they aren’t told about.

Simply put, all foodstuffs are organic. Heck, people are Naturally organic. 

It is unclear if these are the same people who think “chemistry” and “chemicals” are dirty, nasty poisonous terms. How they can stand their own existence is unclear.

The other inaccuracy is GMO. Almost everything foodstuffy is gene modified, mostly be selected breeding. For example, with the exception of some museum stocks, ALL corn, including ALL commercially available corn, is GMO. And it has been since before Europeans got to the Americas the easy way – across the Atlantic.

Ditto for rice and wheat and most grains.

This would be a marginally acceptable, barely tolerable, situation if the schmucks could learn the error of their ways. But they seem unable to do so. And not just because they’re adolescents. Apparently permanently mentally adolescent, in fact, as Boyle defined it.