Messiah Munch 2

More munching about things I don’t care for this holiday season. And the joy is that all of this blot pretty much comes out of Lifehacker.

First, a rather noxious article [Link] entitled “An Easy Way to Give Cash or Gift Cards and Keep the Gift Personal.” This article, obviously, is Stercus Tauri. The kind that has been thoroughly roiled since it reeks optimally. 

Simply put, money can never be a personal gift. It shouts that the giver is an asentient ass. Giving money is a way of saying that the giver cares bupkus about you and considers his/her time too valuable to waste actually thinking of something meaningful to gift you.

This is demonstrated by the occasions when money is a standardized gift: weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs. Both are social obligations attended not because you necessarily want to but for intense social reasons. And that the recipient really needs money is a conscience balm and nothing more. 

So patching a money envelope with a “personal” note is utter rubbish. 

I have to admit to receiving money as gifts occasionally. If it’s a check, I destroy it sine die. If it’s cash, I give it to a charity. And if its a money card I return it to the giver, possibly with prejudice. Generally, this activity is a death knell of any friendship unless there are special extenuating circumstances.

Incidentally, the note by itself is an acceptable gift. If it comes from someone whose lack of time, creativity, or attention span is dictated by extenuating circumstances of a valid scope rather than arrogance or stupidity. The arrogant or stupid are permitted to continue corporation so long as they keep their distance.

In summary, portraits of dead Euro-American politicians and/or their toadies is never personal. Anything issued by an organization is never personal. So get rid of the idea of gifting money before it gets you discorporated. Or worse.