Light Nattering

A great rareness is occurring! Dihydrogen oxide is falling from the sky. Despite an adequate amount of atmospheric heat this morning, I was unable to assay my constitutional because of this fall. Not a deluge certainly, but nonetheless in this age of politician denial of climate and its cancer, which probably should include those same politicians, it is a strange and rare experience.

An inadequately rare experience is too much light while motoring. Until summer I would complain of glare made worse by ugly yellow lumps in the lenses of my eyes. But since those lenses have been replaced the problem is sheer number of photons, mostly from either Sol or the motorcars of fools and scoundrels.

It is known that LED – light emitting diodes – of the cheapest and sorriest quality such as are used by the greedy capitalists – admittedly a repetitious description – who manufacture motorcars, especially those of the shoddy, cheap variety, have a detrimental effect on the human physiology. They cause eye strain and mess with brain chemistry to compromise sleep and thought, the latter being why capitalists are so avid to use them. And too many of these trash motorcars have over-bright LED headlamps.

Which are blinding to others on the rode. Which is an expression of the complete absence of manners and consideration in Amerika these days. Our fall into third world poverty will be WELL deserved.

Anyway, the question I keep toying with is whether I can modify this behavior. What would be the effect if I built an eye tracker with an eye-safe laser? Would that be too subtle? Or just too effective?

Or should I just curse their inhumanity and evil and not bother myself with useless projects that will have too little result to make any difference?

That also is a symptom of our descent, when good men do nothing because they have become so depressed that they think nothing they do will halt the race to darkness.

Again, I am glad to be ORF and soon gone from this nastiness.