Darkness has Fallen

Like many people, I have been thinking a bit about the nature of social reality since the recent election. This morning I ran across an article [Link] entitled “This Entire Galaxy Is Being Ravaged by Its Supermassive Black Hole.”

It seemed rather a perfect metaphor for the current situation of supermassive capitalists devouring American democracy.

But I also reflected on some things written by E. A. Burtt in “The Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Science.” I should comment that Burtt means metaphysical in the loose usage of social science/philosophy types and not the strict usage – that I use – of not-Physics. For convenience:

metaphysics  n 1: the philosophical study of being and knowing

The part of Burtt’s writings that I thought relevant were:

For the Middle Ages man was in every sense the center of the universe. The whole world of nature was believed to be teleologically subordinate to him and his eternal destiny.

man, with his hopes and ideals was the all-important, even controlling fact in the universe.

In effect then, we have returned to the Middle Ages aka “The Dark Ages”. What is important is no longer science or physical reality or actual Nature, but what the members of human society want and do.

This seems to fit surprisingly well. Science is under attack by politicians and society, when it is not ignored, and denial or misrepresentation is the common practice.

We may only hope the end is rapid.

On which note, I grabbed a wallpaper sized copy of the picture above to remind me of our depravity and degradation.

For those new to the blog, the title is taken from the work of Lester Sprague DeCamp.